Shaw Funding is a hard money real estate lender, specializing in short term loans. Shaw Funding services and maintains its own portfolio of loans, freeing itself of the stringent requirements, often found throughout the lending industry. As a result, we are offered an unprecedented degree of flexibility not found with many lenders.

This allows us to develop unique financing solutions catering to our borrower’s individual needs.

We specialize in:

Below you will find a quick reference chart that generalizes our loan characteristics. Because of our inherit flexibility each financial arrangement is dealt with on a case by case basis.

The information listed below is intended as a guideline only, and all loans can be tailored to suit our clients’ demands. Feel free to contact us with your loan needs and discuss them with a qualified representative.


Loan Amounts150K to 75MM
Loan to valueLess than 65% of our assessed value
Security1st Lien Position
Loan TermsMax of 1 year w/ option to extend
Prepayment PenaltyTypically 6 months
Interest RatesStarting at 14.25%
RecourseCase by case basis
ClosingsTypically within 48 hours of title
Appraisal ReportRequired
Upfront Application FeeNone
Minimum Credit ScoreNone