Welcome to Shaw Funding LP

Shaw Funding is a New York based limited partnership dealing in short-term financial solutions for the commercial and residential real estate industries. We specialize in a variety of mortgage loans in the form of hard money, bridge loans, Alt C, Alt D, and foreclosure bailouts.

Shaw Funding is recognized as a premier hard money lender in the commercial and residential space within the tri-state area. Our disciplined management team has the experience, flexibility, and resources to offer a broad range of financial solutions to borrowers requiring quick access to funding.

As hard money lenders, we pride ourselves in our ability to assess the various forms of collateral and can deliver a response in as little as a few hours. As such, we provide our borrowers with a critical component necessary in calculating their next move.

Who Are Our Borrowers

Our borrowers are diverse in nature. Investors attempting to capitalize on timely opportunities, business owners looking to meet payroll, individuals or entities looking to settle tax obligations, or property owners getting themselves out of tight spots.

Regardless of their reasons, most of our borrowers have one thing in common…speed. With Shaw Fundings streamlined application process we can get from the application to the closing table in as little as 48 hours.

As asset based lenders our analytical capabilities serve as a blueprint to balance risk so that both, borrowers and investors alike, can find themselves in a position to achieve their financial objectives.